Left Lobe

The left lobe

he left lobe is a part of the liver structurally characterised by its position leftward of the middle hepatic vein functionally characterised by contribution to the larger whole part of liver divided into medial and lateral segments common diseases include disease processes that effect the liver at large cirrhosis hepatitis fatty change metastasis clinical presentation pain if capsule involved diagnostic studies include US, CT, MRI treatment is commonly by surgery, laparoscopic surgery

The left lobe of the liver

00425 gallbladder wall fx edema dx CHF liver heart cardiac dx CHF liver CHF acute cardiac failure CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD


The left lobe is variably sized and is commonly congenitally small or absent. An overall transverse diameter of the whole liver of 20-22.5cms, is therefore very variable.

Small Left Lobe

83034.8s liver left lobe unusual shape position size small anatomy colon carcinoma napkin ring CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD copyright 2008


The left lobe is tongue shaped with a relatively thin inferior margin.


The right lobe lies posterior to the left lobe.



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venous drainage


lymphatic drainage


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