Bare Area

The bare area of the liver is an area on the posterior aspect of the liver. It is structurally characterised by the absence of peritoneal covering. It is functionally characterised by support of liver by attaching to diaphragm. part of liver capsule support structures Common diseases include extension of liver processes but no specific diseases itself. Clinical presentation includes pain if the capsule is involved. Diagnostic studies include US, CT, MRI. Treatment is commonly bysurgery and laparoscopic surgery. The liver is free of a capsule at the bare area where it is in direct contact with the diaphragm. The space between the bare area of the liver and the diaphragm is filled with areolar connective tissue and the inner capsule remains intact at this point. The bare area is thus an area on the posterior aspect of the liver bounded by the coronary ligaments. The inferior vena cava traverses the liver through and posterior to the bare area. The right adrenal forms an impression on the liver in the region of the bare area.


Bare area of the liver
 (Image courtesy of Ashley Davidoff M.D.)

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